Chan Ting 陳庭

陳庭是一位香港藝術家、策展人,她從事影像、裝置、聲(a.k.a. ct1993)和表演藝術,同時也是獨立藝術空間負片空間(Negative Space)的共同創辦人。陳氏的創作主要探討光學思索與當代影像。她專門通過視覺對話,連接意像與聲音形象,其實踐常常以意識流形式出現。

Chan Ting (b. 1993, HK) works in the fields of image, installation, performance and sound (stage name: ct1993). Chan’s research explores luminous mind and contemporary imaging. With a focus on visual dialogue connecting mental image and sound-image, her practice often emerges as a stream of consciousness. She is the co-founder and curator of an independent artist-run space – Negative Space, dedicated to developing contemporary art, imaging and lens-based media. Chan Ting works and lives at Hong Kong.


Chan Ting is collaborating on the Noughts and Crossings projects