Edwin Chuk Yin Man 竺諺民

CHUK Edwin Yin Man (b. 1996) is a Hong Kong-born photography artist. He always wanders and revisits overlooked non-places in the suburbs outlying the city that people pass by every day. Photographing is a sole process for him to open up his physical awareness and explore the places in the context of being detached from everyday living. 

The previous series of CHUK, Road Signs, Lamp Posts, Trees (2020) combines and experiences his understanding towards the idea of reading and experience. By including the significance of phenomena: everyday scenes and objects captured in the photographs as a metonymy, the photographer is intended to provoke the audience’s psychological and conceptual thoughts while reading. 

From the physical experience in the process of CHUK’s wandering throughout his creation to the psychological viewing experience of the audience immersed in reading the photographs, the matter of both reading and experience are continuously the concerns of his practice. Taking photography as a medium, CHUK believes in and experiments with the possibility to reconstruct and sublimate one’s experience out of everyday living. 

CHUK concentrates on both photography and theatre (devising and performing) in his recent years’ artistic practice. He graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018, and his graduation work The Place We Have Never Remembered (2018) received the Academy of Visual Arts Award from the Academy of that graduation year.

Website: www.edwinchukyinman.com
Instagram: @chukyinman/
Facebook: @chukyinman

Edwin Chuk Yin Man is collaborating on the Power of Place project.