Seongsu Kim

SEONGSU KIM (b.1988, Seoul, South Korea) is an artist working principally with Photography. He studied his MFA at the The Glasgow School of Art. 

He has participated in a range of experimental exhibitions in both Glasgow and Seoul, and took part in Look Photo Biennial held in Liverpool in 2019. My work has always reflected a sense people’s gloomy emotions and neglected places within urban spaces. In essence, the kind of things that reflect myself and socially weak people. In other words, aspects that are perhaps not considered mainstream within modern society. My work begins with collecting data in which I aim to find patterns and formulas. I am also interested in analogue TV and film technology, stemming from a desire to travel to the past despite it being impossible. This may be described as nostalgia.

Seongsu Kim is collaborating on the Power of Place project.