Kelly Jayne Jones and Lazarus Chan

Collaboration for Ways of Being Together project.

Kelly Jayne Jones and Lazarus Chan have been creating digital avatars exploring the possibilities of connecting people with new technologies and shared digital spaces. At HKAC Chan presents a performance in dialogue with these avatars. At Castlefield Gallery Jones delivers an immersive performance with sonic elements; considering morphic resonance theory and the potential for actions, no matter how small, to have repercussions and connect us across the globe.

#restoration of animism//•^6th mass extinction~< (2022)

Artist: Kelly Jayne Jones

The film #restoration of animism//•^6th mass extinction~< (2022) was included as part of a performance by Jayne Jones that took place at Castlefield Gallery on September 8th (The film was made with Kevin Craig, a Manchester based artist, designer, animator and Lecturer at MMU).

Metahuman Lazarus (2022)

Artist: Lazarus Chan 陳朗丰(Hong Kong)

Inmost Zoom (2022)

Artist: Lazarus Chan 陳朗丰

Inmost Zoom is a spoken words performance along with an interactive device. The work resembles an online video conference environment together with all participants in the meeting being the artist himself. Echoing how gathering places transformed and imitate the disconnection between people during the pandemic.

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