Backlit Gallery

Backlit Gallery

Founded in 2008 as an artist-led space by Nottingham graduates, BACKLIT has evolved into an internationally renowned independent public gallery and cultural organisation.

Since opening, we have contributed to over 14 years of arts and culture, presenting more than 100 national and international exhibitions, and continuing to support significant discussions around contemporary art.

Housed in a historic Victorian building Est. 1872, the galleries feature across three floors, alongside our creative studios. We are home to over 120 artists, collectives, and associate members. Our yearly free programme of exhibitions, events and workshops support an essential framework for the public, local people, communities, students and creat­ives at all stages of life to develop.

Being LGBTQ+ and Female-led is part of our ongoing foundations as a cultural organisation. We care about equity, inclusion, mental health, the environment and being a safe space for all.


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