HART is a not-for-profit arts organisation with a mission to foster collaboration and community value through a sustainable culture of creativity. A collective of art spaces and art programming, HART is dedicated to the facilitation of cultural dialogue, collaboration and new possibilities for art creation, and to that end supports and enables Hong Kong’s creative community through diverse and extensive exhibition, event, workshop, artist atelier and salon programming. HART is committed to nurturing local talent and acting as a platform for innovation, inspiration and cross pollination among the creative sectors. As a key player in establishing a robust art ecosystem in Hong Kong and ensuring the next generation of artists and art lovers are supported and championed, HART’s programming extends to community-based arts education and outreach for the underresourced groups in Hong Kong.

3/F, Cheung Hing Industrial Building, 12P Smithfield Road,
Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Website: thehart.com.hk

Instagram: @harthongkong

Facebook: @harthongkong