Power of Place

Collaboration for Power of Place project.

Brought together by Open Eye Gallery, WMA and Redeye, 13 artists from both the UK and HK come together to exchange thoughts, ideas, researches, feedbacks and photographs. They have been commissioned to create new artworks, exchange and reflect on existing artworks and share their works through social media residences across both UK and HK platforms. 

The artists have formed 5 groups with specific focus on the topic of ‘Power of Place’, including colonial history, liminality, locality, the sense of home and also alienation, crossing barriers of physical distance, this exchange explores and interrogates the new means and modes of exchange throughout the prolonged pandemic, and how the ‘power’ of place has been generated and shifted.

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Superimposition (UK-HK), 2022

Artists: Hin Nam FONG, Melanie KING, Samson Pak Hang WONG

Double exposure: HK to HK

Triple exposure: UK <—> HK

Double exposure: UK to HK

In this project, we explored the historical, cultural, temporal, and spatial connection between the United Kingdom and Hong Kong through the double exposure of objects and spaces. This project signifies not only the colonial history of the UK to HK but also the post-colonial state of these two places. We focused on the similarity of objects and spaces from these two areas, including street lights, self-portraits, buildings, construction sites, post boxes and windows.

Following this project, we used a photogrammetry technique to represent postboxes from the UK and HK, and generated 3D models out of these images. When we overlaid these models, we produced a digital, 3D version of double exposure. The merged post box model highlights the connection between these two places spatially and historically. We extracted the colours of both post boxes from the models to flat images to reflect the post-colonial visual culture and political symbols in daily life. Through the plain renderings, we tried to explore the transformative materiality of the post boxes.

Three Places. In a Moment of 90 seconds.

Artists: Edwin CHUK Yin Man, Emma LAMBERT, Terry NG

Moment #1

Moment #2

Moment #3

Through a visual interactive platform, we exchanged our concepts, works and inspirations.  A ‘call & response’ collaboration was initiated, initially without specific direction and destination.  It moved from an archival image, through various ripples of image and idea to eventually meeting in three unique ‘moments’, where we made work simultaneously, in three different places, bound by time and conscious connection.

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Re: Home

Artists: Johannes Pretorius, Lucy Saggers, Iris Shum

Letter Exchange

Our exchange evolved into an ongoing conversational thread about the topic of ‘home’. Our conversation combined written email messages and photographs (archival and new), and often took on a diaristic quality. We also met virtually a few times and produced a short video containing excerpts that touch on some of the topics we discussed.

Our conversation confirmed that the idea of ‘home’ is complex, and that it can encompass both positives and negatives. A key topic that we often returned to is how ‘home’ can be both familiar and foreign. For example, a home often provides a sense of ‘rootedness’, but this can be quickly challenged by events such as relocation or sociopolitical change.

As a small group, our joint experience was greatly enriched by our diverse perspectives. This includes our different artistic/photographic practices, different cultural/linguistic backgrounds, and being in different phases of our lives. We truly hope that this is just the beginning of supporting and challenging each other in our ongoing creative work!

Instagram Takeover

Artists: Fion HUNG Ching Yan, Seongsu KIM

Fion Hung Ching Yan
(Picked up by Seongsu Kim)
Seongsu Kim
(Picked up by Fion HUNG Ching Yan)

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A photo conversation on ‘Liminality and the Power of Place’

Artists: Joseph LEUNG Mong Sum, Anna SELLEN

As part of the “Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022 Online Festival”, artists Anna Sellen (Wales) and Joseph Leung Mong Sum (Hong Kong) have been carrying out a series of photo exchanges surrounding the theme of “Liminality” and “The Power of Place”. By creating images that respond to each other, these visual conversations bridge the two artists and their experiences of liminality through the medium of photography.


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