C & G, part of “Sheffield-Hong Kong Map’’, Acrylic on canvas, 2022

Back/Forth is a mail art exchange project between artists
C & G and Mark Chung in response to stories and memories collected from public participants about the same streets that “exist” both in Sheffield, UK and Hong Kong.  

This project was triggered by the encounter of Harcourt Road in Sheffield by C & G one day.  While Harcourt Road in Hong Kong has been an important site for social movements in Hong Kong, the Harcourt Road in Sheffield is such a peaceful site nearby parks and the city museum with lots of beautiful trees.  The artists understand it is because of the colonial history that the UK and HK have so many streets sharing the same names but, in the current project, they attempt to go beyond the grand history by connecting these streets with individuals’ stories and experiences. 

Back/Forth is commissioned by University of Salford Art Collection and 1a Space, and curated by Reds Cheung.


There are 8 main elements to the process of making Back/Forth:

  • A drawing made by C&G devising the process with Mark Chung
  • A painting by C&G mapping the roads in Sheffield
  • Documentation of C&G engaging the community in Sheffield
  • Documentation of the postcards mailed to Hong Kong
  • A video of Mark Chung opening the postcards
  • Photographs by Mark Chung of items selected in response to the postcards to mail to Sheffield
  • C&G taking the response from Hong Kong to the community in Sheffield
  • A live dialogue between C&G and Mark Chung, moderated by Red Cheung

These elements can be viewed here.


Click links below for more information about the artists who collaborated on this project.

UK artist (for University of Salford Art Collection):

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