Ways of Learning

Artwork image from “The Storyteller” by Hicham Gardaf

OSE (Open School East) (UK) artist Hicham Gardaf and Rooftop Institute (HK) artist Morgan Wong embarked on a process of research, sharing of ideas and production of work that responds to the unexpected outcomes of teaching and pedagogical processes. They’ve focused their research on specific critical texts and used that research to inform development of their work.

Hicham Gardaf’s The Storyteller takes author and social activist Bell Hook’s reflections on language and teacher and educational philosopher Joseph Jacotot’s principles of “Intellectual Emancipation” as a starting point, exploring the themes of universal teaching, oral storytelling, and the limitations/possibilities of language. 

Morgan Wong’s Journey looks into scenic images taken in rural China in the 70s to connect oral history, archive, and teaching and learning.


View Hicham Gardaf’s The Storyteller here.  

View Morgan Wong’s performance Journey here.


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UK artist (for Open School East):

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