Nicholas Wong 黃裕邦

Nicholas Wong is the author of Crevasse (Kaya Press, 2015), the winner of the Lambda Literary Award for Gay Poetry, and Besiege Me (Noemi Press, 2021). He is also the recipient of the Australian Book Review’s Peter Porter Poetry Prize. His has contributed writings to projects by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Manchester International Festival. He currently translates poetry by contemporary Taiwanese poet Sun Tzu-Ping.

Nicholas has a background in English poetry writing, but the dimension of the page starts to bore him. He attempts to explore ways to creatively “translate” his own works into visual mediums. His visual outputs to be made during his time at HART Haus may be text-based, text-integrated, or text-induced, with an emphasis on the dynamics between imagery and texture, tonality and medium.

Nicholas Wong is collaborating on the Loop project.