© Nicholas Wong, Millie Quick, Tom Ireland, Loop, 2022

As part of Loop, Hong Kong-based artist and poet Nicholas Wong and Nottingham-based artist Millie Quick joined forces to explore an international, intercultural linguistic exchange by means of poetry, symbols, and translation. 

Taking working with words and visual symbols of language as a starting point of collaboration, artists created a constellation of related outcomes – a visual and linguistic diary, in forms of poetry, sigils and installation. The works are playful, surreal and not free of a mistake or miscommunication, just like any intercultural collaboration. 

The final work is digitally interpreted and presented on a website by Tom Ireland, who digitally captured the process and essence of the collaboration and virtual interchanges. The title Loop refers to the self-generative nature of language through the interplay of cultures and mediums, creating a feedback loop. This project is commissioned by BACKLIT (UK) and HART (HK) for Peer to Peer: UK/HK 2022.


Nicholas Wong and Millie Quick’s collaboration is presented through a website designed by Tom Ireland.  


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UK artist (for Backlit Gallery):

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