Clara and Gum

C & G (Clara CHEUNG & Gum CHENG Yee Man) are two Hong Kong artists who founded the art space: C & G Artpartment in Hong Kong, in 2007. With a strong concern for the local art ecology, C & G use their art to respond to social and cultural issues.    Over the last 15 years, C & G Artpartment has curated more than 50 art exhibitions, including more than 100 local artists responding to the social and cultural issues in Hong Kong. 

The practice of C & G is humourous and challenging at the same time. Their activities are often collective and participatory in nature. C & G actively participate in international art and cultural exchange programmes including  Shanghai Biennale (2018) and Singapore Biennale (2019).

Since relocating to the UK in 2021, C & G has focused their curatorial and research work on the critical reflection of the Hongkonger identity.  They recently curated exhibitions in Manchester and Sheffield to facilitate dialogues amongst artists and audiences from Hong Kong, the UK, and South-East Asia (spring 2022).


Facebook: @CandGArtpartment

Instagram: @candgartpartment

C & G are collaborating on the Back/Forth project.