Omid Asadi and Karen Yu

Collaboration for Ways of Being Together project.

Omid Asadi and Karen Yu have opened a dialogue over the internet discussing the benefits and possibilities, but also the limits and problems, of translation. Sharing readings and recordings of poems and literature in their native languages (Persian and Cantonese) and also in English, the language in which they primarily communicate. The performances at Castlefield Gallery and HKAC involve them interacting with pre-recorded material, manipulated video, animation and audio.

Scuffle Tussle Struggle (2022)

Artist: Omid Asadi (Manchester)
Video of performance, filmed by and photographed by Jules Lister.

The Wind is Unseen (2022)

Artist: Karen Yu 余林橞 (Hong Kong)
Percussion & Spoken Words Music performance, 2022, courtesy the artist.

What is being amplified does not get through an ocean of ears.

What is defined is only an interpreted scene.

“[T]he wind is unseen” is about the comprises and struggles we face while being in the crack between our mother tongues and working language. This interspace is portrayed through a phone call, and amplified sound and speech.

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